Duration: 6 hours

If you want to discover the maritime soul and wild side of the Riviera, you cannot miss the Paradise Gulf.

Let yourself be captivated by the charming Camogli, an old fishing town that welcomes seafarers with its unmistakable row of tall, colourful houses. We will walk through the maze of narrow alleys and passageways that lead to the small beach in the shadow of the church, and to the tiny harbour with its typical Ligurian fishing boats. If you are visiting in May, you will be able to enjoy the Fish Festival, an unmissable event for hundreds of locals and tourists who show up each year.

We will then visit San Fruttuoso, a fascinating destination that dates back to the ninth century, which is still only accessible by sea or on foot, following the beautiful trails that unroll across the Portofino promontory. We will reach a small bay with pristine, crystal-clear waters, which surrounds the small village and Benedictine complex of San Fruttuoso, restored to its former glory by the Italian Environmental Fund (FAI). We will also find the Christ of the Abyss, the famous bronze statue placed right on the seabed.

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