About us


Your key to the heart of the city

GenovaGuide is an association of certified tour guides in Genoa with years of experience behind them. On customised tours, we will show you the beating heart of this vibrant and multifaceted city. There will be no lack of tips: we will guide you on a quest to find the best aperitivo in Genoa, accompany you to the most unique shops, show you the hidden corners of our paradise guarded by the sea, and much more.

We offer carefully designed, interactive and tailor-made services. We mix art and history with anecdotes so you can get to know our city in a fun and unique way. The experience of our tour guides is made available for all visitors: individual travellers, families, schools, groups, as well as the guests of conferences and businesses events. We also collaborate with tour operators and travel agencies, both Italian and foreign.


Anna Ardito

Tour Guide

After completing my studies I left for South America just like Columbus, and fell love with Brazil and its people. I started accompanying groups of tourists, Brazilians in particular, around Italy and Europe, collecting unforgettable memories. But home was calling me, and Genoa became one of my greatest passions. Together we will explore the alleyways, buildings and most hidden and unexpected corners of the city on a journey full of wonder and surprise.

Paola Terrile

Tour Guide

From Genoa to the UK and back to Genoa again: this is the story that led me to devote my life to tourism and hospitality. I travelled for many years, working as a tour guide, but when I returned to Genoa there was no looking back. I fell in love with my hometown as if I had only just seen it for the first time. I am a big fan of the Vespa and cooking, passions that I love to share with other scooter-lovers and foodies. I will be your cupid among the wonders of the old town, be they architectural, natural or culinary!

Pamela Russo

Tour Guide

Unlike Anna and Paola, I was not born in Genoa. Originally from Modena with a master in economics in my pocket, I decided to travel the world. After 15 year spent accompanying tourists throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, I arrived in Genoa by chance and never managed to leave. I will guide you through the city streets and the port, sharing curious anecdotes, delicious secrets and fascinating traditions. Ready?