Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno

3 hours

The Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno represents for the Genoeses not only a place of remembrance, but also a fascinating artistic and historic testimony.

It is a real open-air museum, with hundreds of statues lined up in the elegant galleries, arcades and funeral chapels that are an important evidence of sculpture in Liguria between the XIX and XX centuries. There are various styles used by sculptors: from realism, neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance to Art Nouveau and Symbolism.

Inside, are housed the remains of distinguished citizens, including the beloved folk singer Fabrizio de Andrè and the famous comedian Gilberto Govi.

There is also the tomb of Lady Constance Wilde, the unhappy bride of Oscar Wilde.

In the area of “upper little wood”, between the green of the trees, are the tombs of many soldiers of Giuseppe Garibaldi, called “garibaldini” and the tomb of Giuseppe Mazzini, heroes of the Risorgimento’s period.