Camogli and SanFruttuoso: Golfo Paradiso

3 or 7 hours

Camogli: is one of the most beautiful villages of the coast, with an ancient seafaring tradition. 

It will captivate you with its very tall and colorful houses, the network of alleyways and narrow passages. The port with the typical Ligurian fishing boats has a unique atmosphere.,. Each year in May we hold the popular “Fish Festival”, which attracts hundreds of people. 

San Fruttuoso : a tiny village with a fascinating and rich history that dates back to the 9th century, is still only accessible by sea or along the paths through the promontory of Portofino. 

It is nestled in a small bay with crystal clear sea and retains the Benedictine complex of San Fruttuoso, that has been restored to its former glory by the FAI. (Italian Historical Trust) At the entrance of the bay, at the bottom of the sea, stands the statue of the Christ of the Abyss.