Tastes and Traditions - The old traditional shops, soul of the ancient city

3 hours

This tour tells the culinary traditions and curiosities typical of Genoa, the Riviera and its hinterland.
“Forni, frigittorie e sciamadde” … These words evoke aromas and flavours of the past. For centuries, these shops located in the old city, have been the soul of the historical centre and even today they are still very busy places ! While walking through the narrow streets of the lesser known parts of town, we will reveal you delicious secrets!

From the arcades of Sottoripa, close to the sea, we enter the heart of the medieval city where there are still old colonial shops, groceries, bakeries and “sciamadde” with the traditional wood-fired ovens, where they still prepare vegetable pies, chick peas “farinata” and fried fish: the typical street food of Genoa !